Strong for Life 

This is the ONLY program designed to help get you strong AF, build confidence in your lifts, so you can fall in love with your body and your training.

Is it right for you?

If you...
...have some experience working out but still consider yourself somewhat of a strength-training beginner...
...know you need to improve your movement patterns and form before lifting heavier weights...
...are busy and only have 3-5 hours/week to train either at the gym or at home...
...want the guidance of a trainer while being able to stick to a budget...
...the answer is a hard Y-E-S!

What's included?

A 3-month progressive strength training program designed to help you get the strongest and fittest you've ever been
You get to choose either a:
- #Stayhome version (requires bodyweight, a stability ball, a glute band, and a set of 2 light-ish, 2 medium-ish, and 2 heavy-ish dumbbells),
- Gym version (you will need access to a chin-up bar, a barbell + plates, an adjustable bench, 2-3 different sets of dumbbells, a stability ball, and a booty band). 
3-4 days of total body workouts (3-5 hours/week), including optional mobility and conditioning work, and modifications/progressions to make each exercise easier or harder
Digital access to your workouts (via TrueCoach), which includes exercise instructions, video tutorials, and an easy-to-use workout tracker to help you track your progress.
Weekly check-in's to help you stay accountable
3 monthly group calls where I will discuss topics relating to your program and goals to teach you the WHY behind all the awesome stuff you're doing. If you can't make the calls - no sweat! You'll get a full recording to listen to while you walk your dog. 

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