Personal Training

 1:1 personal training in downtown #yyj

Your body is as unique as your fingerprint, and if you appreciate progressing safely and effectively through a training program, personal training is for you.
Let's get strong together.
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1:1 Online Coaching

Want to learn to love the journey?

If you like to workout on your own time, but want a customized program that gives you a blueprint to being confident and strong AF - let's chat.
Online coaching will help you work on your mindset, consistency, accountability, nutritional awareness, and building a bulletproof body that you LOVE. 
This option is best for those who are motivated to see change - whether your goals are letting go of the scale, or getting the dream body you've always visualized, your program will be customized to suit your needs and wants.

Strong For Life

This is the only program that's designed to get you feeling your best, and help you get strong AF, while helping you fall in love with your body and your training.

You want a training program that is rooted in science, helps you become your best, and helps you progress gradually. 

Strong For Life is a 6-month online program that has been designed for the best results you can get without a 1:1 trainer. 

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Fascial Stretching

A feel-good assisted stretching session to help with your flexibility
Need some professional assistance with those tight hips? 
Fascial stretch therapy will help you relax your fascial system, and can improve everything from stress to flexibility to digestion.
I'm currently not accepting new patients, but if you contact me, i'm happy to refer you to another great practitioner.